Problems with attention are familiar to many. Often we can’t concentrate at work for a long time: something is constantly distracting … As a result, the productivity is reduced, the deadlines break off, and the chief, to put it mildly, expresses discontent. We have prepared 10 tips for everyone who is difficult to work concentrated.

Determine what usually distracts you

Distracting factors can be both external and internal. Having determined in which situations you usually lose concentration, you can find ways to counteract.

Visualize the final result of your work

Mentally presenting the finished project, you can list for yourself all the steps necessary to achieve the result. The task facing you may seem impossible, but if you divide it into parts and make a schedule of their implementation, the chances of successful completion of the project will increase significantly.

Remember past successes

Try to recall the situation in which you were able to quickly and effectively complete any task. How did you feel at that moment? Focus on a feeling of success and pride. This will help to configure yourself in the right way.

Control your emotions

Problems with concentration of attention often arise due to stress. For example, if you are upset due to some kind of life failure, this may affect your overall performance.

If negative emotions overcome you, try relaxation exercises – for example, meditation or breathing techniques.

Isolate from extraneous irritants

If something or someone distracts you, if possible, just go into another room, distance yourself in the literal sense of the word. Take a deep breath and count up to five

. Imagine the result of your work and promise yourself a small award that you will receive when it will be achieved.

Warn you not to be distracted

You can hang the “Request” sign on the cabinet door or put it on your desktop. However, try not to abuse this method and productively use the “quiet” time.

Put priorities

Some tasks are especially boring or complex. Most likely, further work will go faster if you deal with them first.

They did not understand something? Ask!

Do not be afraid to seem inattentive. If you did not understand the instructions of the authorities, do not waste time, trying to figure it out on your own, but just ask to clarify.

Take breaks on the timer

Oddly enough, but for better concentration you need to take breaks. How often? If the current task evokes boredom or moves especially slowly, put the timer for 15-20 minutes. If after this time you will feel that you can continue to work, excellent! If not, take a break longer and do not condemn yourself. The main thing is do not go beyond.

Seek for help

Working with professional coach will help determine your weaknesses. Together you can develop strategies that will help you be less distracted from the main important classes.

In addition to coaching, there are many mobile applications to increase productivity. You can also ask friends, relatives or colleagues from time to time to contact you, controlling your progress.

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